Becoming the Distant Customer

July 3, 2005 by · Comment
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Most of the time when we train groups in the area of software requirements issues, they will be taking what they have learned to define requirements and build the corresponding system themselves. They will be working with an external client that isn’t involved in the training, and part of their role is to educate their client why it is worthwhile to spend the time up front so the requirements are in as good a shape as possible. Often the client has no software development savvy at all, and there is a clear distinction between the domain experts (the clients) and the implementation team – the group involved with the requirements training. Read more

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    Another excellent article – we were just discussing this very subject in a course I recently taught. I forwarded your article to everyone in the class, so you might expect a few more subscribers soon…

    — Bruce Butler, PEng, Senior Systems Engineer, Modular Mining Systems Canada