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There’s one simple thing that you can do to improve your productivity, make better products, to make everything you do go more smoothly. It doesn’t involve a new tool, it’s not the latest cool process that is going to save the world, it’s not an app. It’s not something that a consultant needs to come in and anoint your team with for far more money than is reasonable, and it’s not protected IP.

In fact, it generally involves putting down your tools, putting aside that book or binder or template that tells you how to do your work, and leaving your phone or watch to make calls or tell time. It doesn’t require you to look outside the team for advice. It’s something you can implement today, something you have a lot of experience with, though some of us are getting a bit rusty with it.

It’s appreciatively communicating with one another. Discussing issues, learning about your differences, brainstorming options, planning a strategy. Getting the right people together to think things through, to share experiences and perspectives. Do more of that, and improvements will happen.

Indeed at the start of a project, if you sit down and share your past experiences, ensure the team knows what you can contribute and what you want in the project, and strategize about how to get that project done, you will be far better off than if you bring in someone to tell you to do things a certain way.

Why the magic? Because you have contributed, and so has everyone else on the team. More heads to bear on the problem, appreciation of the contributions of others, and shared ownership of the solution that’s been developed.

Layer on top of that the permission to have feelings and opinions and the ability to speak up when things just don’t feel right with how the team is working, and you are going to kick ass.

You will have flipped the switch. Without any branded approach, and without any shiny tools.

All you have done is turn the light on and illuminate your most critical assets. – JB


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    We found the diagnostic very effective in providing a way for our teams to express their views on areas that we need to improve. At the same time, seeing where we were doing relatively well offered some great perspective and encouragement.

    — Michael Nienhuis, VP Operations, Class Software Solutions Ltd.