Clarrus is a down-to-earth, value-driven company with a focus on improving project teams and the projects they work on, across all industries. We were founded by Principal and Author, Jim Brosseau in 2002.

Clarrus is unique in that it understands the interplay of human dynamics and project mechanics. Our consulting services and workshops bring a practical and proven approach to increasing the effectiveness and satisfaction of your project teams and delivering results.

Clarrus also provides “self-help” for project teams through a highly practical book and easy online diagnostic tool that gives you clarity into what’s working for and against your team and project.

Our Approach

Clarrus believes in the principle of teaching people to fish. Our approach nets its richest results in complex environments where multi-disciplinary teams bring diverse perspectives to the table. But, we also help small teams thrive, too. In a nutshell:

  • We harness the best of best project practices and apply only what’s needed for tangible short- and long-term results.
  • We create an environment of trust so our sometimes tough questions can open the doors to peak performance.
  • We provide inventive and practical ways for your teams to approach challenges.
  • We secure the engagement of your project teams by focusing on issues where the impact is greatest.

Who Benefits

Clarrus’ consulting expertise, workshops and tools benefit organizations at all levels.

The Team benefits from a great experience, project stability, results they can be proud to own, and an ability to focus on what each member does best.

Project Leaders benefit from engaged and focused teams that can approach challenges in new ways to meet goals. They can bring stability to projects by building on team strengths, mitigating weaknesses and identifying key priorities.

Senior Management can reap the benefits of stabilized projects, reduced risk and tangible business results.

  • What’s Happening

  • On The Road Again

    Jim frequently travels across Western Canada for engagements, and welcomes opportunities to meet, run a workshop, Diagnostic or Lunch and Learn session.

    Contact Jim if you would like to connect around any of the upcoming dates:

    • Blissfully at home in Vancouver, BC over the summer!
  • What People are Saying

    The requirements prioritization portion was especially interesting. I can use this next week with a customer directly.

    — Mike Aksmanovic, MDSI Mobile Data Solutions Inc