Our Values

Inspired by Hewlett-Packard’s Rules of the Garage, we sat down and worked out a set of values that guide our actions at Clarrus. Not the meaningless motherhood that you might see in office lobbies or automatically generate like Dilbert’s pointy-haired boss –  these values are the essence of our experiences, the distillation of what drives us.

We welcome you to engage with us to discover just how important these values are to us – and how valuable they can make us for you.

Treat each experience as a positive, learning one.

Not all of our experiences turn out as anticipated, but it is the ones that surprise us that are the deepest learning experiences. Even those that on the surface may appear to be failures can provide deep insights to improve our services in the future.

We have learned quite a bit along the way, and our goal is to make a mistake only once.

Balance our clients, community, and families with ourselves.

We know from experience that long work-weeks don’t work, and we don’t want to miss the experience of watching our kids grow up. We regularly give back to the community through volunteering in several capacities, and constantly work to improve our own skills and knowledge wherever possible.

We balance this by ensuring that there are realistic expectations set with our clients.

Solve problems that have yet to be solved.

We’re proud of the things we have done over the years that have surprised people, it is in these moments that we are in the ‘zone’.

When we hear “That can’t be done”, that’s when we really get interested in solving the problem.

Be genuine in all interactions.

Our goal is to provide clarity to our clients, not to appease them. We don’t expect 100% client satisfaction, and recognize that there are some that are not prepared to follow the sometimes difficult journey of becoming a more effective organization.

Once we start masking the truth, we have lost our objective integrity and the corresponding value we add for your organization.

Foster collaborative, balanced relationships.

We believe that all relationships – those within our clients’ organizations as well as our relationships with our clients – need to be open and respectful in both directions. Done right, we all learn and we all gain.

With no balanced relationship, there is no synergy. No synergy, no progress.

Measure success from the perspective of our clients.

While we watch our bottom line and are proud of our history from that angle, success is better measured from the eyes of our clients. We’ve been able to quantify significant value for our clients, and the current wealth of repeat and referral-based work we do tells us we are on the right track.

We recognize that a job well done for our clients repays itself, and the bottom line takes care of itself.

Emphasize problem solving over symptom masking.

We believe that it is important to respect the information we see regarding situations, and work to actually solve the underlying problem rather than simply obfuscate the data to present a pretty picture.

Our goal is to eliminate the problem and drive genuine gains.

Engage only if reasonable value can be provided.

We are not all things to all people, and will tell you straight out if we cannot help you resolve your issues. We will gladly refer you to others from our network that are more qualified to solve your problem whenever we can – and we won’t take a cut.

We have chosen to disengage from clients when we found ourselves in a situation where we could not add value, and we constantly challenge our ongoing clients to reaffirm that they are happy with our services.

  • What’s Happening

  • On The Road Again

    Jim frequently travels across Western Canada for engagements, and welcomes opportunities to meet, run a workshop, Diagnostic or Lunch and Learn session.

    Contact Jim if you would like to connect around any of the upcoming dates:

    • Blissfully at home in Vancouver, BC over the summer!
  • What People are Saying

    Jim knows what he’s talking about and leverages his experience well. His goal is to make you better at what you do and has an uncanny ability to do this without being too intrusive! His weekly newsletter is just another example of how he educates as he assists.

    — Viktor Ohnjec, Founder, M2VP