Presentations, Lunch & Learns

Hosting a series of informal learning sessions is a simple and powerful way to strengthen a team. Whether the topic is related to current work or more strategic in nature, the value of bringing everyone together in the same room is tremendous.

We have built up a large list of key topics that can be used as effective Lunch & Learn sessions. They are all highly interactive, with the introduction of best-practices tied closely to a discussion of current practices and how to bring these together in your organization.

If you’re in the Greater Vancouver area, have a place to gather and a favourite caterer (or prefer to brown-bag it), you’re all set. Just pick a topic, sit back, and get ready for some of the most engaging learning you’ve done in a while.

If you are out of town, talk to us about connecting virtually.

New – Build Your Team’s Resilience over Lunch

One of the most powerful traits we can develop in the workplace is a strong personal resilience – an ability to thoughtfully deal with situations rather than rashly reacting, and to bounce back from setbacks stronger than before.

While this can’t be developed in a single lunchtime chat, we have a Resilience Program that can be deployed over a series of lunch & learn sessions (the first one might be a bit longer to set the scene) to help your team develop and hone this critical trait for excellence in the workplace.

Sample Topics Available

The following are topics we have run in the past. We are adding topics all the time, and if you don’t see a topic here that you would like, please feel free to suggest one:

We will work with you to find a time that fits your schedule. Each session is at least an hour in duration, with ample time for discussion and debate among the group. If there’s rich discussion, we’ll be glad to keep the chat going!

Please contact us for more information regarding this series, or any other topic you might have in mind.

“On behalf of our Dean Arthur Coren and myself, I would like to extend our thanks to you for making a presentation to our students of Software Quality Assurance (INFO 4320) class. I had the opportunity to talk to our students who found the presentation extremely valuable and they gained a good understanding of best practices of Software Engineering and Technology Management.

We in the department strongly encourage participation of industry leaders to join us in providing well rounded education to our students. We very much appreciate your effort to come to Kwantlen University College for this presentation in spite of your busy schedule and to provide valuable insight into the issues and practices of Information Technology field.” – Dr.Abhijit Sen, Chair, Computing Sciences and Information Systems, & Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology, Kwantlen University College

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  • What’s Happening

    June 20 – Spoke to a sold out, enthusiastic group at the local chapter of the PMI on The Future of Project Success (it’s Already Here)!

    Whitepaper available here!

  • On The Road Again

    Jim frequently travels across Western Canada for engagements, and welcomes opportunities to meet, run a workshop, Diagnostic or Lunch and Learn session.

    Contact Jim if you would like to connect around any of the upcoming dates:

    • Blissfully at home in Vancouver, BC over the summer!
  • What People are Saying

    Jim is extremely knowledgeable, and just as important, he is very interested in sharing that knowledge with his audience and working with his clients to ensure they are successful. He was very ‘hands-on’ prior to the training, during, and followed up with us afterwards. It was important to us that we partnered with someone who really took an interest in providing that value.

    — Chris Lauzon, Autodesk