Software Teamwork

Jim Brosseau’s first book has been released from Addison Wesley Professional. This book distills Jim’s experience with a wide range of teams over the years, both as an employee and as a consultant.

This book examines the challenges and barriers we face with typical approaches when attempting to build effective teams. Each of us can take responsibility for personal and team success and the book describes a meaningful progression of steps to achieve this goal.

In doing so, Software Teamwork helps you look beyond the traditional team building approaches to explore personal motives, attitudes, skills and interpersonal relationships – all fair game as potential opportunities for improvement.

Order today from or, or the print or eBook versions directly from Pearson Education.

“If your desire is to effect change or have more influence on a software team, you could either stumble around in the dark for a few years, experimenting with different techniques, or you could buy, read, and apply the techniques in this book. This choice, of course, is up to you.” —  Matt Heusser

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There are also 3 Podcasts available where the book is discussed. You can access them by subscribing to the OnSoftware (audio)podcasts on iTunes, download the MP3 files from InformIT’s website.

“This book is a must for those of us who are committed to getting the job done, the project delivered and the benefits realized in this lifetime. For the truth is that many Projects (Software and otherwise) simply fail to achieve the original promise. Understanding the key factors and behaviors which underpin success is not a trivial matter – but Jim’s presentation is readable and entertaining. So now there is no excuse…” — Michael McCulloch, Director, Michael McCulloch and Associates LLP

Please contact us for information regarding this book, or visit the Software Teamwork Training page for a description of the team-building course based on the principles in this book.


If you have purchased the Adobe Reader version of the book, pages 2 and 3 of the 4-page navigation guide (on the inside covers of the physical book) are missing. Please contact us for softcopies of these two pages.

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  • On The Road Again

    Jim frequently travels across Western Canada for engagements, and welcomes opportunities to meet, run a workshop, Diagnostic or Lunch and Learn session.

    Contact Jim if you would like to connect around any of the upcoming dates:

    • Blissfully at home in Vancouver, BC over the summer!
  • What People are Saying

    Jim is simply one of the smartest and most knowledgeable software development professionals I have ever met. His vast knowledge of the discipline is both leavened and enhanced by his acute awareness of and sensitivity to “the real world” of what actually occurs with real developers in actual practice. Jim is also a warm, open, honest person – rare gifts and an asset in any consultant.

    — Bonar Harris