Corporate Mentoring

This product is for organizations that are interested in gaining or maintaining a competitive advantage by ensuring that staff remains effective in an industry of dynamic change.

It has been stated that the skills gap that we are all facing is part of the new reality, and that this skills gap will continue to grow over time. With an understanding that human capital management is one of the primary areas that will create distinctiveness and competitive advantage in the industry, maintaining a focus on ensuring your staff has timely access to the right information is critical.


A combination of on-site scheduled support and on-demand offline work is used to ensure that your staff has information as required for common understanding throughout the organization. As well, we’re there to answer tactical questions that will arise as a result of business events as they occur.

Onsite interaction consists of weekly learning events, periodic feedback to management, facilitated reviews and retrospectives, and personal coaching on an event driven basis. Needs are prioritized in an ongoing fashion to maximize the effectiveness of meeting the agreed upon business goals.

Offline support includes document review and industry research as required to ensure that the organization maximizes the leverage of the engagement and obtains the most current and relevant information available.


Several distinct benefits associated with our Corporate Mentoring approach are:

  • On-demand access: next-day service in most cases, tactical application based on your business priorities, contextual performance support, all in a personalized context
  • Industry leading experience: an acknowledged direct expertise in many areas, a capacity to research to fill gaps and a broad network of industry experts to draw from
  • Strategic support: a focus on strategic perspectives, with an ability to see the forest while you are working on the trees
  • Objective bridge: an external objective viewpoint with no personal agendas, and an anonymous communication conduit between staff and management


This package has several key distinctions when compared to typical approaches:

  • Public and Onsite training courses: Training courses, whether provided by third-party companies or developed in-house, are necessarily offerings that are based on the dissemination of standard material. They can consume from 4 hours to a week or more from your regular business activities. This mentoring package provides just-in-time information – just what is needed, to those that need it, in the context of business events.
  • Mentoring with Internal Staff: The greatest challenge with the utilization of internal staff for mentoring is that those qualified to perform the mentoring are usually those that are in greatest demand. Their valuable time is divided across a number of priorities, and their value becomes diluted. This package allows those key individuals to focus on a reduced set of tasks, while providing an organizational learning focus, leveraging off of the key individuals to reduce the risk of individualized knowledge. Your mentoring initiative will not fall off the rails when push comes to shove on other projects.
  • Process Improvement Initiatives: Are typically focused on long term goals, or on process targets that have little relation to business performance or tactical needs and benefits. This package provides a much lower up-front investment, immediate business value to the organization, and individualized support that is sensitive to the company’s culture and goals.


It is difficult to develop the necessary rapport with an organization or individuals in an entirely remote approach. This package consists of a combination of face-to-face interaction supported offline as required to maximize the benefits to the client organization. The intent is to set up measures for success that will allow you to monitor the value of the engagement. You will not be expected to sign up to a long-term relationship up-front.

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    Jim frequently travels across Western Canada for engagements, and welcomes opportunities to meet, run a workshop, Diagnostic or Lunch and Learn session.

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  • What People are Saying

    We found the diagnostic very effective in providing a way for our teams to express their views on areas that we need to improve. At the same time, seeing where we were doing relatively well offered some great perspective and encouragement.

    — Michael Nienhuis, VP Operations, Class Software Solutions Ltd.