General Consulting Services

You have a job to do – you need to get your product out the door to a satisfied customer. There are times when it would be nice to have specialized expertise in specific areas of project management or software development, but it doesn’t make sense to hire in full-time experts for part-time concerns.

“In our brief one day session with Clarrus, we identified the key areas to focus on, and drilled down to discuss the best approach to take in each area. Rather than a sanitary discussion of best practices, we arrived at a practical, specific set of items to implement – I think we made significant progress as a development group.” – Daniel Miller, CEO, Miller Software

There are a variety of services that we can provide on an as-needed basis. Our staff have a wide variety of experience in the industry and expertise in a number of different areas that may be of benefit to you – think of us as your external backup team:

  • Document reviews: We can provide critical, objective reviews of any artefact generated by your organization. While your group is likely best suited to perform reviews based on your domain, we can review against standards and industry best practices, and can always provide a fresh, objective viewpoint that can be quite revealing.
  • Project retrospective facilitation: Project retrospectives can be one of the most effective practices for organizations to determine how to best learn from their experience, but it is critical that they be run effectively to go beyond the issues stage.
  • Team growth strategizing: Growing a team is quite different from hatching an idea. In the early stages, everyone wears a number of hats, and all are pulling together to get the job done as well as they can. As the demand outstrips the capacity of an organization, it is important to think both tactically for current issues, as well as strategically for the long term.

Features & Benefits

We provide on-demand expertise in these areas, eliminating the need for you to staff with expertise for intermittent use. We always have an objective external viewpoint, and in working with you on an ongoing basis, we retain an understanding of your business and culture, eliminating repetitive ramp-up time.

Please contact us for more information regarding these services.

  • What’s Happening

  • On The Road Again

    Jim frequently travels across Western Canada for engagements, and welcomes opportunities to meet, run a workshop, Diagnostic or Lunch and Learn session.

    Contact Jim if you would like to connect around any of the upcoming dates:

    • Blissfully at home in Vancouver, BC over the summer!
  • What People are Saying

    I am very glad to have met and learned so much from Jim’s vast project management experience. He was always willing to give guidance and advice; he’s approach was very personable and always went above and beyond to attend our team’s concerns.

    — Ricardo Melgoza