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Some things sell themselves. Tell an eleven year old that Apple has a new iPod on the market, and she’ll save her allowance money for months. The same goes for seven year old boys and Pokemon cards. If you have kids around that age, you will certainly understand where I am coming from. Read more


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In the early stages of relationships, when there has not yet been enough investments of time for deep roots to take hold, breakdowns can occur for many reasons. Certainly prejudices can stop the relationship from ever getting off the ground, and even rumor and innuendo can waylay progress. While it is likely that most of our relationships won’t endure the test of time, most are ended before deep roots have formed, so there is a limited sense of loss. Read more

Another Set of Eyes

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There are many organizations, and plenty of pockets of resistance within organizations, that don’t leverage the value of peer reviews in any form. Individuals create their work products on their own, possibly taking the time to step back and have a look at them from a different perspective or running a few tests on them, then the product is essentially tossed over the wall to the next consumer. Read more

How Do I Know?

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We are all consumers of software in our daily lives. While we may not even be aware of the software that runs in our refrigerators, there is a greater awareness of the software behind the keyboards that we use, the cel phones plastered to our ears, and the systems we use to drive our businesses. For those of us that are in the software community, the ubiquitous nature of software is apparent. For those that are strictly consumers, software can be interesting, mysterious, or downright frightening. Read more

Debate Without Dialogue Sucks

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Back in February of this year, after attending a local presentation of the latest release of the Visual Studio Team System, I posted a rant titled Rigid Agility. In the post, I had expressed concern about a trend I had seen (and have seen more of since), where systems are being built to support tailorable processes with mechanisms to enforce movement through a set of states. I still see this as inherently non-agile in its implementations, despite the intrinsic value in the products and spin from the vendors. Read more


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One of the things that I have found to be very powerful in bringing teams together, while at the same time severely lacking in most teams, is a sense of curiosity. Read more

Getting the Right Support

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There is no shortage of individuals and companies ready to step up and provide you advice about how to run your business. Indeed, there is likely more than ever, as many skilled people that have been downsized over the past couple of years have decided to put up their shingle – consulting is a growth industry. If you are in a management or executive position in your company, the unsolicited suggestions that someone can help you run your business may outnumber the spam you receive requesting your help to get money out of Africa or telling you how to make money on EBay. For many, the glut has created a standard response: “We don’t need any of whatever it is you are selling.” Read more

A Good Auditor is Your Friend

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There was a time in my career where I was naïve enough to think that everyone was always focused on improving their job performance whenever possible. Read more


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With apologies to Dr. Seuss…

I’ll tell you a story I think should be told:
There are a few companies, some aren’t all that old.
They don’t treat their teams with what I’d call respect –
It’s sometimes much more like abuse and neglect. Read more

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