We have developed and licensed a set of workshops that have shown to excel at providing participants with the base of best-practice knowledge that is critical in supporting improvement within an organization.

All of our workshops are available onsite at your location, and our Project Management, Strength Deployment Inventory and Resilience workshops are available in a virtual setting.

These are all offered with flexibility to meet your specific needs, and we have facilitated workshops in other topics as well – if you don’t see what you are looking for here, don’t hesitate to contact us.

“The role and size of of our engineering section have both recently expanded. Our projects now have greater scope, are more complex, and involve more participants. As a consequence, we had to introduce more discipline, rigour, and organization into our development process. We called on Jim Brosseau from Clarrus Consulting to provide training to sixteen staff on the topics of requirements analysis and peer review of software.

Jim was able to present the material in a clear, concise, and entertaining fashion. The hands-on workshops helped the participants to fully absorb the lessons. We have begun adopting many of the techniques he presented, and we have already started seeing the benefits. I would recommend this training for any organization that wants to improve the effectiveness of their own project development process.” – Ernest D. De Luca, P.Eng., Government of Canada

Personal Resilience Workshop

Based on the book Jounce!: Crafting a Resilient Life in an Increasingly Chaotic World, this multi-session program explores the nature of disruption and its impact in the workplace, and our lives. You will gain new perspectives to understand what often feels like chaos, and learn personalized, effective strategies and skills to become more proactive, effective and fulfilled. [details]

Project Management: The Team Approach

Successful projects are the result of good time and cost control management, and effective relationships with team members and other key players. Both are achieved by using a team approach in planning, monitoring and conducting the work of projects. In this workshop, technical project management tools are combined with the interpersonal team processes needed to ensure that the tools work… [details]

Software Teamwork: Taking Ownership for Success

If we really want to improve the way we develop software, we need to start by understanding the team itself – what each participant brings to the table. The context of skills, cultures and attitudes of all the people involved plays a critical role in determining which approach will be most effective for developing software, and how we should deploy the changes with the team. This multi-day workshop covers the breadth of elements that the team must consider as a precursor to change. Broad participation is a critical element for effective adoption of change, and the group must take personal ownership for the success of the initiative… [details]

Relationship Awareness With the SDI

Relationship Intelligence involves gaining an understanding of yourself and others and applying that understanding to build more meaningful, effective relationships. Only you can decide if you are getting what you want in your relationships. The test for this workshop is in real life, and you give yourself the grade… [details]

In Search of Excellent Requirements

Requirements form the foundation for all the software work that follows. Arriving at a shared vision of the product to be developed is one of the greatest challenges facing the software project team, and customer involvement is among the most critical factors in software quality. The objective of this workshop is to give attendees a tool kit of practices, reinforced with practice sessions and group discussions, that they can begin applying to improve the quality of the requirements development and requirements management processes in their organization… [details]

Estimation: Size Does Matter!

Many organizations find it difficult to explicitly take the step of deriving a size for the elements to be estimated, leaping directly from an overall definition of scope to the final effort or duration estimate.

Sizing is an essential step in the estimation process, significantly improving the insight and fidelity of the resulting estimates. How the practice of sizing fits into the overall estimation process is explored in this interactive workshop… [details]

Exploring User Requirements with Use Cases

Use cases are an effective and widely used technique for eliciting software requirements. The use-case approach focuses on the goals that users have with a system, rather than emphasizing system functionality. This one-day workshop presents the use-case approach to requirements elicitation in a practical and straightforward fashion. Many practice sessions give the student opportunities to try some of the techniques described… [details]

Inspections and Peer Reviews

Effective peer reviews of all types of software work products are essential if software development organizations are to reduce their cost of producing software. Formal inspections of requirements specifications, designs, source code, and other work products are a proven means for finding errors and improving software products… [details]

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    Jim frequently travels across Western Canada for engagements, and welcomes opportunities to meet, run a workshop, Diagnostic or Lunch and Learn session.

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    Jim knows what he’s talking about and leverages his experience well. His goal is to make you better at what you do and has an uncanny ability to do this without being too intrusive! His weekly newsletter is just another example of how he educates as he assists.

    — Viktor Ohnjec, Founder, M2VP