Team Approach Workshop Debrief

For those of you that have taken the Project Management: the Team Approach workshop through Clarrus, we provide here for your convenience a collection of resources that we discussed or used in the session, or are part of the materials that you were provided. You may freely use these as appropriate to help bring better practices into your organization. 

The .zip file available here contains the following MS Word files, all provided here with permission (all are Project Management: The Team Approach, © 2001 by Personal Strengths Publishing, Inc., CA, USA):

  • End of Meeting Feedback; End of Meeting Process Analysis: 2 alternative forms for driving an end of meeting review with your team
  • Meeting Critique; Process Analysis; Stop Action Review: 3 alternative forms for driving a mid-review assessment with your team
  • Change Analysis: a simple form to support change management on projects
  • Document Chart: a table to organize a list of documents and responsibilities for a project
  • Meeting Notes: a template for managing meeting minutes
  • Planning Sheet: a worksheet for planning participatory meetings
  • Resource Worksheet: a simple form for managing resources on your project
  • Responsibility Chart: similar to the Document Chart, this identifies decisions to be made, and corresponding responsibilities
  • Task Item Template: a template to be used for identifying tasks to be used in the collaborative planning approach we used in the course.

Additional Resources

Here are several more resources you may find valuable:

  • Check out the Clarrus Blog or the Monthly Clarrus Compendium: free to subscribe, ongoing new insights on the issues that affect teams.
  • Finally, as noted in the workshop, feel free to contact me at any time regarding the content or if you have any questions about related material.

This workshop has been developed by Gary Robinson. Relationship Awareness® is a trademark of Personal Strengths Publishing®, publishers of the Personal Strengths Inventory®.

Please contact us for more information regarding these materials.

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  • What People are Saying

    In our brief one day session with Clarrus, we identified the key areas to focus on, and drilled down to discuss the best approach to take in each area. Rather than a sanitary discussion of best practices, we arrived at a practical, specific set of items to implement – I think we made significant progress as a development group.

    — Daniel Miller, CEO, Miller Software